Sheesham Wood Furniture

What is Sheesham?

Sheesham is a deciduous tree found in the subcontinent. It is mostly grown in the Himalayan region and goes all the way to Punjab. This tree best grows on altitudes of 900m above sea level and in temperatures ranges of 10°C-40°C. Sheesham can withstand up to 2,000 mm of rainfall yearly and drought duration of not more than 4 months. It flourishes in gravel or in rich soils of riverbanks.​


Its color ranges from golden brown to dark brown and is hard thus resistant to insects like the wood termites. . Its grains are usually straight, although they can be intertwined in some parts. The wooden texture has a natural gloss and can range from medium to coarse.

Sheesham in furniture

In Pakistan, it’s a popular wood for engraving and furniture making because it’s resistant to decay and it doesn’t split or warp. Its unique appearance with an attractive close grain, coupled with its natural strength and affordability make it a great choice for use in the home.  Hand waxing gives it a smooth finish and shines when polished.

It is primarily coveted for its two-tone colors and unique wood grains. That’s why it is typically more expensive than mango wood. It sometimes has a slight pleasant fragrance due to the resins trapped in the wood, making it an advantageous raw material for hardwood furniture and decorative items.

Handcrafted in Pakistan by skilled craftsmen of Margalla Wood, Sheesham furniture has become very popular in modern style furniture with its beautiful grain patterns lending itself perfectly to hard lines and large flat surfaces.

Sheesham furniture care tips

When you buy a piece of Sheesham wood furniture, the rules of maintenance are similar to those of any other hardwood piece.

  • Keep the item out of direct sunlight, which can fade the wood’s rich colors and cause the varnish to crack and become dull.
  • Avoid contact with hot, cold, or wet cups, glasses and dishes.
  • Protect the surface as much as you can from scratches and abrasions, to maintain its high gloss.
  • If it needs cleaning, wipe gently with a damp cloth, avoiding detergents, and polish it with beeswax regularly to seal the surface.
  • Wooden furniture is strong but you always need to handle it with care to prevent any accidents or damages place it on very firm ground.